by Jill Alexander Essbaum


This book’s writing style made it easy to read, light at the beginning and gripping/page turning towards the end. Initially I had a hard time sympathizing with the main Character, Anna.  If you were a mid thirties gal, and you frequently met men who wanted to have affairs with you, maybe you would feel good about yourself? I think I would.

So the story continues with annoying Anna, with another boyfriend, when it happens. Whoa, not expecting that! Honestly that moment might have been the best part of the book, after that Anna just feels depressed while the woman who would do anything for her (again, annoying) tends to her daily. So I was not sympathetic when she called Stephen and he responded with a phone call equivalent of a high-five. Its hard not to say ‘Karma’s a bitch, eh?’ to her for all of these events.


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