The Lonely Polygamist

By Brady Udall, read by David Aaron Baker

5 stars

I’ve been listening to this for the past week and a half at work. For a 20 CD set, I should have expected this number of plot twists, but every time I either gasped or shouted “WHAT!”

I was originally drawn ti this book because of the title and I am particularly interested in LDS culture.  The narrator (plays a big part for me in the audio book) was spirited and has a great vocal range. After about 4 cds I began writing the family tree out to keep track of everyone, especially the wives who are often refereed to by number only.

One aspect of this story that I was able to imagine the best was the setting in Utah and Nevada.  The story’s descriptions of deserts, rural-ity, and even exaggerated distances between destinations are all things I can remember experiencing.  I also loved the introduction of the idea of radiation exposure having a such an impact on their lives.  Up into that past of the story I was thinking that it could be fairly normal for miscarriages and still births with the amount of children born and the possibility of mild inbreeding. But the radiation added a whole layer of complication that surprisingly didn’t make a bigger impact.

I’ll try to get more books by this author, hopefully the library cooperates.


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