The Whites

By Richard Price writing as Harry Brandt

Read by Ari Fliakos

I listened to this audio book during the past 3 days at work, though I think I would have appreciated it more if I was doing something requiring less concentration.

I picked up this book because I had read a book by Price long ago when I worked at a bookstore. This story was also about a police officer and his work, which is kind of annoying but also understandable. it is hard for me to describe the plot of the story because it was so confusing. I will say that I think this is due to listening to the story and not reading it, because the speaker used the same voice for all the cops, another voice for women, and a few for bad guys.  The biggest issue is the main good guy and the main bad guy, those stories I was not able to keep straight.  There was clarity at the end when the mystery is explained, though all the sub-plots were were left in other states of completion. The level of violence reminded me of a Law and Order, some but nothing too gross.

So: A good read if you read it and are good with lots of names.


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