The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047

By Lionel Shriver


I had great expectations  for this book from the accolades on its jacket.

What kept me from enjoying and finishing the book was the excessive economic ramblings, the uninteresting conversations between characters, and lack of plot development within the first 50+ pages.


Dirty Work

by Gabriel Weston


This is a quick read and starts of fun and interesting. By the middle of the book, right when you realize that is almost over, is when it all wend downhill for me.  The episodes that the main character is experiencing, which could be called ‘internal-hysterical’ was so inappropriate to read.  Specifically, on page 125 when the character things that the woman about to get an abortion is ‘making the biggest mistake of her life.”

  1.    As a person on my way of becoming a licenced professional, I cannot take seriously a character who puts patients at risk while acting as a surgeon.  I would think that the author, a surgeon herself, would know that surgeons cannot behave like that.
  2.    Is this whole book just pro-life propaganda?  It is hard for me to finish the book after this because I am annoyed.

All of that aside, I wish the book would have been longer and more developed. No other aspects of Nancy are discussed, which makes the story seem more like a fable or something you would hear on NRP, just the facts that relate to the story.

I originally picked up the book because I thought the cover looked cool, so that’s on me.